Toulouse-style atmosphere

Animated and passionate… a walk in the land of rugby and good living!

Rues toulousaines
Quais de Garonne
Place du Capitole
Ruelles toulousaines

Its narrow streets, the Garonne…

For the emotion and magic of the place, you must stroll at least once in your life through the medieval streets and along the quays of the Garonne. This is the only way to soak up the characteristic Latin sweetness of life. The same one that Claude Nougaro, a local boy, celebrated with his rhymes. It is also cherished by his musical and literary heirs…

Toulouse is a pink city, with the grace of the light on its pink brick walls at sunrise or in the evening when people are having a drink, and should be seen as a place of pleasure for the senses and the taste buds!

The good life

The local flavours and specialities of the area will delight many a palate: its famous sausage, its famous cassoulet, its violet-based sweets or its Fronton wines.
As for the shopping enthusiasts, they can indulge in the joys of window shopping in the Rue Alsace-Lorraine and the adjacent streets, but also in the Saint-Etienne district.

Toulouse is a city that is definitely human and pleasant to live in.


Toulouse, the passion for rugby

The “Rugby Capitole”

To soak up this spirit, this Toulouse atmosphere, don’t forget to schedule a rugby match.
And why not at the Stade Toulousain, the most successful club in European rugby.
Go to the Stade Ernest Wallon (shuttles are scheduled on match days) where you will discover the warm and festive atmosphere of the south-west. 

Stade Toulousain- ambiance Toulousaine

Where is it?

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