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Formerly called Montesquieu-sur-le-canal, this village born around the feudal castle of the beginning of the X° century has an eventful past. In the 13th century, Montesquieu-Lauragais will suffer looting and fires led by Simon de Montfort during his crusade against the Cathars. Occupied by Protestants during the Wars of Religion, Montesquieu was besieged, pillaged and burned by the Duke of Joyeuse in 1586. The village was once protected by ramparts and ditches, the layout of which can be guessed by walking through the streets. The Gothic church (1600) has a beautiful 5-bay bell tower-wall that dominates the plain. Crossed by the Canal du Midi, the commune is home to the interesting Négra lock.
The latter was once an obligatory stop for the "diner" (lunch) of the passengers of the post boat.

Guided tour for groups, on request :
Our tour guide proposes you a visit of this village, combined with the village of Calmont, to better understand the evolution of the Protestant religion and the life of the faithful.



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