Park and garden


The Jardin Garonne is a public park in the town of Cazères-sur-Garonne.
It provides a place for residents and visitors to relax. You can go for a walk, have a picnic or simply enjoy nature.


The Garonne garden is part of the "Garonne Plan" drawn up by the Commune in 2011 when it signed an environmental contract proposed by the Natura 2000 network (a European network for preserving habitats and bird areas, of which the Garonne is a part).

A marvellous educational and biodiversity site where you will find all the fauna and flora of our river Garonne. The garden of scents, the fruit garden, the wetland garden, the garden of sensations, the colonised garden, the insect hotel, the ecological habitats, the observatory of wildlife and built heritage and finally the "Lad Art" area where you can let your imagination run wild and create your own painting using the natural elements of our river.

This garden offers a haven of tranquillity and wonder for those who venture here. It's a place where human creativity blends harmoniously with the cycles of plant life. Creating a visual and sensory symphony. Gardens are also refuges for contemplation, meditation and rejuvenation.
They are silent witnesses to seasonality, growth and change. They offer a tangible link with nature, even in the heart of urban environments.


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Free admission


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